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Child Abuse Prevention Resources




Ensuring children are safe from abuse and able to learn, grow and thrive is the highest priority of the YMCA.  We are committed to creating programs that protect children from abuse, but we are also committed to providing our families and community with information to keep kids safe everywhere.  It is the power of our community knowing, seeing and responding which will make it more difficult for offenders to abuse.  

  • One in 10 children will experience contact sexual abuse in the U.S. before age 18
  • In as many as 93 percent of child sexual cases, the child knows the person that commits the abuse. 
  • 60% of children who are sexually abused do not disclose


We as Y staff, members, community members and volunteers need to build on the work we’ve done and develop the three habits in child abuse prevention: KNOW. SEE. RESPOND.


Know how to recognize boundary violations and how offenders operate. It’s up to us as adults to do all we can to prevent child sexual abuse and create safe environments for children.

Child Abuse Prevention Information


Stewards of Children® is a prevention training program that teaches adults how to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. The program is designed for individuals concerned about the safety of children, as well as organizations that serve youth.


The Illinois Valley YMCA is committed to keeping children safe in our community. This means educating ourselves and our community about child abuse and how we can work together to prevent it.

We are proud and respectful of the trust parents place in our YMCA. Our efforts in child protection aim to not only create programs that protect children from abuse but also create communities that are informed and ready to respond.

Creating a Child Safe Environment 

The YMCA stands committed to providing a safe environment to every person who enters our doors, most importantly children who are entrusted to our care. We have a series of measures in place to keep kids safe. Our child protection policies are developed using the Praesidium Safety Equation framework. Specifically, the YMCA:

  • Conducts annual criminal history and sex offender registry checks are conducted on staff and volunteers.
  • Conducts staff reference checks which include questions on the applicant’s suitability to work with children.
  • Conducts staff interview utilizing behavioral based questions.
  • Requires staff and volunteers to complete training on preventing, recognizing and responding to abuse. staff go through refresher training annually.
  • Requires staff and volunteers to agree to our child safety code of conduct which includes rules such as:
  • Prohibits staff and volunteers from being alone with a child; interactions must be observable and interruptible.
  • Restricts staff and volunteer contact with children outside of YMCA programs (including babysitting, social networking, offering additional practices, etc.).
  • Provides acceptable and unacceptable physical and verbal interactions.
  • Require allegations or suspicions of abuse be reported to the proper authorities in accordance with Texas law.
  • Provides anonymous ways for staff, volunteers and the community to report rule breaking or concerns to senior leadership.
  • We continually evaluate and improve our child safe practices by conducting an in-depth child abuse prevention self-assessment using Know Your Score every two years;
  • Conducts screenings of YMCA members against the National Sex Offender Registry.
  • We share our policies with parents and the community to create a network that is equipped to know, see, and respond!
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