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Fit Start Program

Fit Start Program



Our Fit Start program is designed to help YMCA members who are unable to establish an exercise routine, coming back from an injury or illness, returning after a lengthy absence, or just new to exercise.  The program will provide orientations for our wellness center, sports performance room and Y30 workout room for any new members and those needing a refresher course on how to properly set up and use the equipment.

All sessions are personalized to fit each individuals needs. Fit Start Coaches will be monitoring their progression and provide feedback on their form and technique. Fit Start sessions will be scheduled at the convenience of the individual and their Coach.

Get Started On A New You!

Register and we will assign you to one of our Fit Start Coaches (all coaches are certified personal trainers) for Four 1-on-1 Sessions. Contact Fitness Coordinator, Kelly Campbell at [email protected] to schedule your first appointment with one of our Fit Start Coaches. Ask questions and express any fitness or workout concerns before starting the program. Learn more about our Fit Start Coaches at

Fee: $99 for YMCA Members                                                                                                                                                     Not a member yet; here is our current membership special

Here’s How It Works:

1st Session: Low intensity fitness evaluation, Review Fit Start Questionnaire and Establish Fitness Goals.

2nd Session: Wellness Center and Y30 Room Orientation, Review
Personalized Exercise Prescription with your Fit Start Coach.

3rd Session: First Personal Training Session. Your Fit Start coach will provide 
feedback on your form and technique.

4th Session: Second Personal Training Session and Graduation Day!

After completing the program, your Fit Start Coach will still be available to offer basic support or you can choose to purchase more training sessions at the established rates.

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