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The Illinois Valley YMCA wants to make your online experience as easy and comfortable as possible. Below are some options that can be done online and then instructions if you are having problems.

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What can be done online

Program registration such as camps, aquatics, youth sports, youth programs, tumbling, and more
Make a payment on an outstanding program balance (excluding before and after school programs)
Add yourself to the system if you are a non-member (this will not enable you to be a member, only to be able to be a non-member and register and pay for programs.
If you are a member, you will be able to add information, change address, phone number, etc

  • A box will say “You will need to login to use online services. Click OK to login or Cancel to Browse Programs”. If you want to login to use the system, just click OK and then login. If you just want to browse the programs that are available, click Cancel and then use the search to get the programs.
  • If you are ready to log in and you are a YMCA member or past member, you have two choices. If you know your member ID number, you can use the left side login. If you do not know your ID number, you may use the right side of the screen and enter your name. Your first login will be either your ID or first and last name and your password will be the first initial of your first and last name and your birthdate. For example: if your name is Michael Smith and your birth date is March 11, 1979, then your password would be ms031179. The system is case sensitive, so if you put the ms in as MS031179, it will require you to use caps on your next login. If you are logging in for someone under 18, the parent/guardian should use the initials and birthdate of the minor Please note that if you login with your name, it must match exactly with what is in our system. So, if your name is Steven and you are in the system as Steve, you must use Steve to login or you will not be allowed to login. If you have a printed card with your picture on it, your name appears just as it is in our system. Our key tag cards do not carry this information. Once you have successfully logged in, the next screen will list each member of your family that has been linked together in our database. Click on the name of the person you wish to register for a program. This will take you to the program search screen, with that person’s name and an e-mail address at the top of the screen, if you have an e-mail address on file with us.

If you don’t have your current email address with us:

  • Click on the MY INFORMATION button at left
  • Enter in your e-mail address that you want all registration confirmations/receipts to go to. Remember to check it and make sure it is correct or it will not reach you.
  • You may also change your password on this screen, if you wish. Note your new password will be in a secured server…do not use strange characters or spaces in the password, and remember that it is case sensitive, so write your password down exactly as it is put in and put it in a safe place. THE ILLINOIS VALLEY YMCA WILL NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PASSWORD OVER THE PHONE. You may also use the forgot password button that is provided if you don’t remember your password. It will be sent to the email that you provided.
  • Click on “Update Info”. You may update your e-mail or password at anytime and as often as you wish.
  • Another screen will come up showing you what information was updated. Click on CONTINUE to go back to the program search screen.
  1. Click on the OK to login option and then at the bottom you will see an option that says, “not currently a part of our organization?” and a button that says “sign me up!”. Click on the sign me up! button. On the next screen, you will see a form to fill in and at the top it will say, Please enter the following information for the first family member then click ‘add name’. (All fields are required except as noted)
  2. Please note that this does not give you a membership to the Illinois Valley YMCA, it just adds you to our system and you will be able to register for programs at the non-member rate.
  3. Fill in all information requested. All fields are required except for the parent names if you are over 18. If you make a mistake, just hit the start over button.
  4. When you are finished filling in the form, hit the add name button. The next screen you may fill in with another name for your family if you wish. You may add as many names as you need to by just hitting the add name button at the bottom.
  5. When you are finished filling in a name, you must click add a name at the bottom and then when the next screen comes up, you have the option of filling in another name or hit the continue button. If you hit continue after filling in the form, instead of add a name, it will not add the name. You will see the names at the top of the page of those you entered. If you do not see the one you just entered, go back and enter it again and then hit add name at the bottom. You should see the name at the top of the page.
  6. Once you are finished adding names, hit continue at the bottom. A become a member button is there but you will not be able to become a member through the web site at this time. Click continue at the bottom and it will take you to the search screen where you will be able to search for programs, register and then check out.

Hit the program search button and you are taken to the search screen and you are ready to search and choose program/programs to register for.

You can do a search by more than one method. The Begin Date FROM, just hit the dropdown button, choose the begin date and then in the next space, hit the dropdown button to hit the month for the end date. So, if you wanted to search March through May, you would put March in the first space and May in the second space and choose the year. You may put the same month in both spaces if you are just looking for one month. Your search will result in finding programs in which the program starts but the registration may be different.

If putting in words and doing a search, it must be a word that is in the program description. Such as camp, swim, etc.

If you only want to see if a program is still open in any particular month, put a check mark in the Show OPEN programs only:

The less information you put in, the more search results come back.

Once you are done putting in the search criteria, hit the search button and a program list of available programs will come up.

You are now ready to browse the program list.


What you will see:

  • The location which is the Illinois Valley YMCA
  • A brief description of the program
  • Program details
  • Age range
  • The fee for the program (You may also click on anything in red and see the fee for each day.)
  • The begin/end date
  • The start/end time
  • What days the program meets on


Open with a number in the column. This indicates how many places are still open in the program.

If the maximum has been reached then there will be a number with how many are on the wait list.

Finally, the orange block with a check box is what you click to select that program to register for. You may check as many classes as you wish to register for to be able to register for all that are checked at one time.

If there is a blue block it will have an explanation in it, such as registration ended and you cannot register for this program.

If you just hit the browse button in the beginning and did not login, you need to hit the log in button or the sign me up! (if you are not in our system) Button on the left side of the page to be able to register for any program.

Once you are done selecting your programs that you wish to register for, click the “click here after selecting program(s)” button.
This will take you to the Shopping Cart Contents Page and you will see all the programs you have registered for.
You can delete any program, put in a gift certificate number or click on program search to add another program.
If you are finished with your registration, click on the “proceed to checkout” button
You may also do any of the below options:
-Click the ‘proceed to check out’ button if you are finished adding transactions to your shopping cartt
-To add program registrations to your shopping cart, click the ‘program search’ navigation button.
-To add program balance due payments, click the ‘programs/balances’ navigation button.
-To add transactions for a different family member, begin by clicking the ‘my family’ navigation button

  • You will see all of your information plus the total amount owed on the next screen. You will need to put in your credit card information.
  • Once putting your credit card information in, click on “check out!” button. If you need to edit your order, click on the “edit cart” button.
  • Once you are done checking out you will get a receipt that you can print out and this will also be sent to your email address.

You do not have to log out and log back in to register for another person.

Click on My family button, click on the person’s name and then proceed with the previous steps to register for more programs before checking out.

  • Click on the programs/balances button and a list of rosters for the family will come up on the screen
  • Click on Pay this balance in the Status column
  • On the Pay Balance Due page click the Add to cart button
  • Then proceed with checkout button and finish paying just as you would for a registration.

Your information is immediately updated in our database at the Front Desk computers and will be logged for the day. If you need to make changes after you have confirmed your registration, you will have to contact us at [email protected] or contact the Illinois Valley YMCA at 815-223-7904 to make the changes for you.

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